Prokart Artificial Floating Lotus Flower Shape Water Surface for Home Office Decor Lotus Flower Natural Looking for Pool and Home Decoration MultiColor (Set of 8)


Artificial Floating Lotus Flowers The long lasting, floating lotus are made of rubber material. It is an auspicious flower, generally used for puja and placed in temple. It is ideal for home or office decoration. Lotus Made of good foam Material, Very lifelike Artificial Flowers have bright colors with excellent colorfastness performance. The color will stay vivid and won’t fade in the water. This product is not only beautiful but also easy to use. Could float on the water due to the leaves perfect the pond. As such, the plant, conveys deep significance. Refresh the interiors of your home or office with this amazing artificial big lotus flower by Spring smiths. Flowers instantly brighten up the ambiance of your living space with their colors and vibrancy. (Set of 8) Size 17X17X7 cm

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