Prokart Transparent Gel Wax for DIY Candle Making (Transparent Gel Wax, Pack of 250 gm)


Procraft gel wax is a see-through jelly which cannot be moulded. Use gel wax in glasses only. The gel wax has quite a high melting point so take care not to splash any of the melted liquid on yourself. Add a candle dye of your choice to the melting gel wax and stir gent. Gel candles can be made very beautifully by adding embellishments like pigments, sea shells, pebbles, flowers, beads and many other natural things. Ability to suspend dense pigments & decorative items, great for DIY candles gifts. Perfect for various kinds of candles making, such as tea lights, wedding gel candles, aromatherapy candles, party candles, home decor candles, gift candles, and more.

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